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Something New is coming ...

we are always growing

With love Rev Ash xoxo


If you have an absolute intuition and inner knowing that there is "more" to your life, a sense of Spiritual purpose.

You have noticed that you feel guided to explore and to start working with your Spiritual gifts.

life is showing you more and more Spiritual signs, signals and synchronicity (sometimes referred to DeJa Vu or coincidences)

You are looking for ways to connect with your own Higher self to learn, serve others and incorporate your truest Spiritual self wholeheartedly into your life.

You have started to hear that still, small voice inside your soul.

You feel "awake" to your inner self.

Allow me to guide you

Working alongside, and supporting wonderful Spiritual people through their unique experience of Spiritual growth is what I feel deeply called to do.

However you are feeling about your Spiritual Awakening, the experience can sometimes be confusing, emotionally intense and oftentimes a bittersweet and lonely pathway.

I totally believe that Spiritual Development is impossible without Personal Development. 

The two go hand in hand, like two sides of a coin.

I have witnessed that what ever causes pain in our lives, is a clue to where we need to look to make changes, grow and evolve.

Transforming our life must come from the power that occupies space inside each of us.


What makes my perspective unique? 

I feel blessed and beyond thankful that I honed my abilities to coach, guide and to lead ,directly from the World of Spirit.

My total trust in the philosophy and teaching of Spirit Guides, Helpers and loved ones has been an ever-evolving source of certainty in my life.

My extraordinary professional life has enabled me to work with countless people, from one-to-one intensive mentoring schemes, teaching in seminars and workshops, to touching the lives of hundreds of people as a Public Speaker.

My passion is to help others to grow and to ignite the soul spark within.


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